Thursday, June 28, 2007

Slight setback

After a day and a half of torrential downours, our driveway project is at a temporary standstill. PapPap is still breaking up old asphalt in the rain, but the Bobcat scheduled for Saturday will have to wait- this won't be dried out by then. :( Now I've seen complete homes on Extreme Makeover built in weather condidions like this- come-on guys, are you going to let a little rain stop you??? Let's keep the momentum going-- just kidding!!! It's only a couple of more days :)
Boy oh boy could the children have fun in that- if only I'd let them out :)


Carrie said...

OK you're worried about a day or two setback but at least you guys have made a decision and are doing something about it. LOL We're still floundering on the WHOLE issue.

I think that mud looks good for sliding in!!!!

Chuck said...

Hey, at least you have people available who know what they're doing. I can build a computer but not a deck. It's kind of frustrating!

You'll love it when it's done!