Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday to Elisha!!

It's Elisha's 8th Birthday already~ Yikes! Eight years ago today I was SURE I would never go through that process again. SO glad I changed my mind- with a little help from birthing drugs (REALLY liked those ;) Natural childbirth = highly overrated for me...but that's another blog in itself!
We celebrated with Daddy's Birthday Breakfast Bash~ Elisha's been counting down the days all month for this. I'm actually pretty surprised he slept through the night last night.
Cheezy Jacob~
Finally- I can open a gift! (Please note the clean-shaven face of Daddy- I told him the mustache needs to go too- any comments to help me on this??? Come on guys- help me out!!!)

This box sure shakes a lot inside...

The LONG-awaited LEGO crane- poor Daddy had to stay up all morning to help build it after 3 doubles and a midnight shift last night. What a Daddy!

Birthday morning over... BIrthday at Grandma's house in 3 days AND... a date with the Bobcat tomorrow- yeah!!!! SO much for a little boy to do!

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Carrie said...


If we'd known we would have sent a card! Looks like he had a great day!!

Enjoy those LEGOS!!!!