Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quiet ending

Just checking in for an end of the week update:

After a busy week, all is quiet- strange phenomenon around here! Driveway complete- not without etching from Mark already. >:O He bought a new power washer and tried it out- it's pretty powerful alright- made instant marks in the uncured concrete~way to go! He says the marks will go right away when he puts the sealer on-- I'm thinking it might be time for another bet. And I have y'all know that the Japanese Maple is looking a little 'sickly'! I'll have to take some pictures for you- but the leaves seem to be withering up- Mark thinks I've poisoned it. I haven't... but that gives me an idea... (for those just joining this page- I bet Mark that he killed our tree by basically cutting it off instead of pruning it- the little sucker ended up living anyway)

Found a new yummy mexican place today- Chipotle. Yummy food, neat website, although the restaurant we were at lacked the character shown in picts of other Chipotle restaurants. Anyway, a nice alternate, heath'ier' place- hard to find cheap, semi-healthy food these days. Which brings me to my next topic:

After more and more people have been asking: how do you homeschool 4 kids (really only 2 right now), keep the house clean (somewhat-ha ha), keep the kids clean (every other day anyway- hee, hee) and get a healthy dinner on the table each night???-- well, coming soon is a website answering these questions-- something along the lines of 'what makes our family tick'-good ol' practical, down-to-earth living with a crazy family of 7. I'll keep ya informed as it develops.

Time to sign off and prepare for the week ahead, or just veg out~

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James said...

You guys earned some veg out time for sure...