Friday, July 13, 2007

Sorry- more driveway picts for Lauri :) and garden produce

Had to put in a picture of the handprints~ I thought they looked pretty cute~ they are actually in the 'border' concrete that will surround the patio to be done in pavers. OOOHHHHH- Look at all this room!!!! Wheeeeeee!!! Had to show our garden's (except for lettuce) first produce-- I'm really excited, as we've never had this before! Happy weekend!

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James said...

Hi Jen my name is James and I have been reading your blog. I just cannot get past home schooling 4, WOW, amazing. I am in NJ and I am a historian on Dutch culture and slavery in my area. I will read your blog every day I find it interesting and my Dad is from Bluefield so I have my WV connect :-)