Saturday, July 7, 2007


Bad news... Good news....
Bad: wanted concrete poured this weekend but the concrete man wanted a ridiculously high price.
Good: found a new concrete man and the pour date is set for Thursday- YAY! His rates are so reasonable, maybe that will help the back addition project get started??? (The addition would need TONS of concrete!) A girl can wish right?? It's just money guys ... and a little work~ ha ha :)Did you notice that there is again more standing around going on?? The squared off corner and area shown will be a patio under the new porch being built above. Elizabeth is sitting in one of the support holes. Lydia and Elizabeth are building a Christmas nest for birds. (???) MAJOR baths today!

Please note Elisha's shoes~ they were brand new as of last evening. >:I

Have a great weedend! I'm off to do some dirt control :)

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