Thursday, July 12, 2007

All done~ yay!

And finally... we have a brand new driveway.
This is Darryl, (and his other brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl- not really)- what a guy! He's in his 70's and still pours concrete for a living- up at the crack of dawn, on the job site 10 minutes before he says he'll be there, does an awesome job and charges a good honest price- you just don't find good 'ol boys like that anymore!

Check out Elisha- just one of the guys- with real coffee-

(thanks Daddy >:I) Spiffy brand new cement trucks-- oohh, aahhhh! :) The moment we've been waiting for... (and PapPap's standing around again- ha ha!) That stuff looked like too much fun to play in :) ~if I wasn't so 'practical' I would have tried to get into it :)

Funny story- see the car behind the cement truck in the driveway- well it got stuck there. (Hee hee, ha ha) He turned the corner to go down the street and couldn't get through because there were parked cars to the right of the 2nd cement truck. Then he couldn't back up because the other truck had pulled into our driveway. He was REALLY happy (I'm being very sarcastic!). He even waved his hand- PapPap thought he was waving a friendly hello until I told him what happened. I tried to run out and take his picture up close, but the 2nd truck had moved, allowing him to pass, before I could run out there. What great blog material that would have been-- Mark says I'm way too ornery :)

There's going to be lots of bike riding on that! What a brand new, big, blank palate for colored chalk! PapPap hates colored sidewalk chalk :O Come on PapPap- it will wash off easily :)

I had to have all of the children put in their hand prints- they came out really cute. I later learned that Darryl really doesn't like it when people mess up his work with writing and handprints-- sorry Darryl! Oops!

And that's all folks-- ...until the porch is started :) Looks like this could be a 'boring blog summer' for y'all. But, unfortunately I'm pretty excited :) We did look at a house overlooking the river a few nights ago. We were really excited about it because it's probably the most breath-taking lot in our town, and the house looks absolutely beautiful. And it was- magazine country-photo quality! But it ended up being smaller than our house now- so back to pushing for our addition here- I'm working the guys the best I can :)

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