Monday, July 9, 2007

Concrete Date

Work, Work, Work!
This is the nice dump-truck man, with bill in hand, for yet another 8 tons of crush and run gravel. Had to show a picture of him, because without him there would be no driveway.Does this really look like 8 tons of material?? Special thanks to Jason and Gary, who out of the blue, just came down to help shovel. How many neighbors do that today? It's appreciated! And... 23 tons later.... (yes that's a literal number!)... we're ready for Thursday's concrete pour date. (Won't y'all be so happy when I can start blogging about something else :) Look- the grass is even growing in... (I know, I know~ Ooh, Aah~ the little things of excitement) Caught ya! PapPap had NO idea I even took this- hee hee! On to the adventures of the children-- they made their own slide out of dirt. I was a bit anxious over that one, as it's a pretty steep grade, but Daddy said A-ok~ you know how that one goes:)

They'll be sleeping good tonight!

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