Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Days

It's a fun summer day around here because 'Daddy's home'-- the children have a blast with him. They've played hard all day- washing the vehicles is such a cool deal with him! (don't ya wish we never outgrew that one??)

As you can see the pavers are all tamped in (just needs a sealer put on) and the next project awaits- what that is, I'm not sure. However- there is a section of concrete missing above the garage door, so my assumption being that the garage door opening is about to be blocked up. Maybe that's why a new door is laying on it's side in the garage?? I told you they keep me out of the loop now- they said I pester too much and when I see something being done, then that's the project being worked on- how's that for making a 'minute my minute' planner a little nervous? :) Arghhhhh!

A little rain couldn't stop the evening's fun-- tent night with Daddy too. With the tent now leaking, it had to be dried out, but that was Aok with the kids. Time for s'mores, movies and popcorn!

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James said...

Tent night awsome!!!!!!!!