Monday, July 2, 2007

Ahhh... the sound of a bobcat

The mud lake has dried and the Bobcat pulled in this morning. The poor neighbors had to listen to it all day, but it was music to my ears :) Actually it is pretty funny how much a little noise and rennovating brings the neighbors out to see what's going on.
PapPap was having some fun- that is after he got over the possibility that his wood forms could be hit with his toy- see PapPap- it's all still in its right place. :)

Ohhhh.... Ahhhhh.... the wonder of a dump truck .... After going through these pictures this evening- there is proof that there is an awful lot of standing around going on ;) Amazing how little a few tons of crush and run looks when it's dumped.

Almost done for the day!

Come on, come on, I want a turn!!

Finally some play time!

Until tomorrow.......

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