Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bdays, Fireworks, Rain, and Driveway modifications

Happy post-4th of July all! Had a great day of celebration yesterday~ and for the most part the rain treated us well- it could have been a whole lot worse anyway :) !!
For a small town in PA- I must say the fireworks were pretty impressive! The rain threatened many times during, but held off for a BIG downpour as soon as they ended. The annual picnic at Gma's was really nice this year- quiet, relaxing, and fun with family and friends- old and new! I was so excited to get a really nice picture with Great Grandma- and then noticed our typical Bartlett baby with his finger in his nose- I'll have to try again at the next Holiday :) Happy Birthday again Elisha! Post fireworks rain. And yes- back to the driveway adventure today. It rained. A lot. For a long time. Yep- that's the straw and seed washed away in the corner. We'll have to replant later. Now- you need to know how Mark and his Dad work. When they start a project they never do it half-way. One thing leads to another... and another..... now they have decided they should just replace the entry concrete too. So- off to break it apart- in the rain- You also need to know that's how things seem to happen for them- Mark redid our previous home's driveway in pavers, in the rain, because that's the only time he had off of work. (which is actually shown across the street as that was our old house-- please also note we did NOT paint the front door red~ that's the first thing the new owners did~ mind you we had JUST replaced and repainted the front door to match the new siding.... and that's another blog... :) Anyway, the memories of modifications and less than desirable working conditions are all coming back... They quickly found-out that the entrance was quite thick- definitely NOT the easy, hour-long project of tear-out they had anticipated.

I made their night full of laughter when I tried to bypass the wet driveway and step into the 'dry' straw on the way to get to the car- should have know better- definitly a DUH moment! Glad I didn't have on real shoes! I threatened to get into the Mustang withour washing up first- that quickly stopped their laugher ;)

As I write- they are still trying to break up concrete. Until tomorrow...

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