Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Pretty, and The Not So Pretty

It's a blog of opposites today~ take for example the $12 tropical patio plant that I love:And then there's the dying plants on the rest of the porch~ they look like they should at the end of August or September. Oh well- there's always next year- I'll get it figured out one of these growing seasons. Yes, I've watered them, taken care of them and talked to them. OK. I haven't talked to them, but maybe I should try. This is the Japanese Maple that I'm still not convinced that is 'thriving' anymore! What do you all think? Come on guys- help me out here~ :) The pretty: The beginnings of the patio- amazing what they can do in an hour's time! (Wish it were all that easy) And the not so pretty:
Yesterday's watermain break that left inches of mud below the driveway- at least it wasn't in the driveway!
Good: the garden viewed from the distance- just look at those tomatoes waiting to ripen~

NOT GOOD!!: Tomato blight- NOOOOOOO! Not again! I saw it yesterday- at least I think that's what it is. Again- there's always next year.. and next year... and next.........

And there you have it- mid-summer's update:)

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James said...

YIKES mud everywhere. Don't tell the kids....