Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossoms~

The best moments in life are the ones that fall into place at the last moment~
the unnaturally, sunny, 80 degree days in March when kiddos have the day off school, flights are open, and Daddy doesn't have to work~
yup! You know me... PLANE trip! Road trips are highly overrated in my estimation- I'll take the sky any day!

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom~
Alexandria in its full spring splendor~
Really, I could move here instantly. Wheeeere IS that money tree?
In all seriousness-- Alexandria, VA is a beautiful historical town and fun DC side-trip.
Kiddos hanging in there even tho their crazy Mom gave them a 3am wake-up call.
Life's TOO short to spend it in bed :) Right, kids??
All brick-lined roads lead to ....Starbucks......
I know, I know... we were here for education and culture. Starbucks doesn't count.
Except this Starbucks was housed in a building older then 1775- Works for me :)
Ah, yes... here's our money tree. But they won't even give you a little tiny sliver of their printed paper for a souvenir. Cheapskates. Neat tour, though~
All that in one jam-packed day~

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