Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's SPRING... and we're BACK....

Yes, it's been FOREVER, as I've been informed by my mom :)
Much as changed and I suppose I owe you update or two. We'll go with the condensed top 10 version:

First off...
You really MUST get your puppy spayed as soon as she is of age. Bad puppy parenting results in.....
puppies! 8 of them, 3 in new homes, 5 scheduled to leave within the week. Bittersweet :(

2. Yes, for my inquiring minds, the children are in a public school (except Jacob). For answers to your questions...
Yes, it's been difficult, and yes, they have adjusted well. They are now completely socialized into the ways of the world, bullying is a very real thing, 7th grade is indeed a difficult time, and as you have all said, things are NOT what they were when we old folks were in school. However, not all may travel the same road, and you have to find what works for your family- academically, we've made GREAT strides in the areas that needed work. Oh-- and yes, Mom is adjusting well also- most days. At least there are not daily tears of failure anymore. Usually :)

3. Don't believe the Dr. Oz miracle, painless, vein injection technology promos. Varicose vein treatment hurts. A LOT. It is a medically necessary treatment with cosmetic benefits, but not without a price. Physically and financially :/

4. Along those lines, compression stocking are horrid. HORRID I say- especially with the warmest spring on record :(. Aren't you glad I filled you in so you no longer lose sleep at night? But no complaints. Really :)

5. Travel has been blessed to be more frequent, and yes, this mom is using a bit of her time to contemplate a home-based travel agency.... any thoughts?

6. No-- karate has not filled our evenings as of late. We still think of returning- at least Daddy and Elisha do, but we are still adjusting to the fulfillment of house-projects about complete, and replacing those evenings with more family adventures.

7. Some of those adventures include the Civil Air Patrol-- Elisha has enrolled and is learning many valuable life lessons. It's a wonderful way for younger teens to become actively involved in leadership roles.

8. Lydia still has a passion for horses, and is becoming equally fond of volleyball- which now fills most evenings.

9. Our house-remodel is almost done---- what a great feeling to see the results and now have more time to..... play :)

10. Views on just about everything in life are subject to change. Frequently as you age :) Life is short and it's time to embrace, enjoy, and LIVE! Bring on SPRING! The only view that won't change--- this Mom's love of SUN and HEAT! ;) Global warming doesn't necessarily have to be all that bad.... does it........???

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