Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthdays and Bikes and Bears Oh MY!

It's been a fun-filled, busy week and we're continuing in festivities. We're celebrating Elisha's birthday a day early-- let me tell you that cap guns at 6am are a bit noisy. And that was after holding the birthday boy off an hour- he was up at 5am. You'd think it was Christmas or something.

Had a tough time deciding on a gift this year. Not wanting to buy a bunch of material things if they weren't needed or really wanted, everyone decided to pitch in for a big-boy bike with gears. It was a huge hit and I haven't seen Elisha or Daddy since they came home with it. Hope they don't get rained on....

Elisha's not the only one with bike milestones. After begging for weeks, little Elizabeth learned to ride without training wheels. Yay Elizabeth!
And among all the festivities, another rare event- the siting of a black bear along the road.

Have to run- the bike boys have finally returned and someone needs to play traffic guard to deter driveway bike crashes...

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Chuck said...

Those pics are great. I never knew it was possible to look so menacing with a rooster hat on one's head.