Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I didn't forget

Last week I promised more picts from our Idlewild outing. For those who don't know, Idlewild Park is one of the best parks for little children- it's an amusement/water park with a fairy-tale Storybook forest- all of the attractions are built to children's proportions, and they can pretty much ride everything.
And WHY are my children not looking at the camera? "Mom- QUIT taking our pictures!" Can someone please tell me why they won't let Mom take their picture, but when Hello Kitty appears they pose like little models-- (my camera just didn't capture that image-)Little Elizabeth's favorite ride. The watering trough. Jacob DID have a great day, he was protesting a smile because at this particular moment he wanted to eat. The end of a LONG day, and little Jacob wasn't tall enough to ride with the big guys-- made me want to cry. He did get extra rides on the Merry-Go-Round, but that didn't seem to count.

Until next time~


Lauri said...

Awww-poor Jacob...I'm sure he did have fun, too, but maybe won't admit it very easily...sounds like a great day - everyone is growing up too fast...

Love ya!

Chuck said...

I can remember going on a kindergarten field trip to Idlewild. It rained like crazy that day. Toby lost his shoe in a giant puddle of muddy water.

Ever take them to Kennywood? I used to go at least once every season but haven't been back since we moved away.