Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My cousin-in-law--nah, my dear friend/'sister' :) gave me a link to a blog the other day. She warned me to read when the little ones were in bed, with some Kleenex in hand. If you need some perspective, if you're upset or complaining because you have too much to do, or the fuel is just too darn expensive-- take some time to get a new look on life. Make sure to start at the beginning and get ready to be encouraged, inspired, and reminded about what is important in life. See if the Disney picture especially touches you as it did us. Here's the link:

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Lauri said...

You got through it, huh? Tough read, but so inspiring.....I hope I could handle adversity with even a glimmer of the grace she has...I've thought of nothing else since I read it.

Bless you and everyone up "north"...miss ya like crazy..