Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving Turkeys

Finishing school-work a little early this week has allowed for some fun crafting~ We've been talking about Thanksgiving and what being thankful is. It's so important to appreciate what you have, and to make every minute count! I think we all agreed one of the things we're most thankful for is our family. Thus, the 'helping hands' family turkey was born. No, I'm not implying I live with a bunch of turkeys.... not at the moment anyway :)
Another fun project: a tree of Thanksgiving. Each child cut out leaves on folded construction paper, and wrote what they were most thankful for. It touched my heart that with as much fighting that goes on, each child chose mostly to write the names of their siblings above other things~ except 'animals' for Jacob and 'Legos' for Elisha. There are just some things that rate higher than a whining little sister :) He won't admit it, but I do think he'd chose her over Lego's anytime. OK-- 90 percent of the time :)
Wishing you all of very Happy Thanksgiving! May you have safe travels, and enjoy your families!

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