Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here they are...

I just knew you couldn't stand it any longer--- you can't sleep at night because you HAVE to know how the apples turned out-- (previous post here).
Without further ado-- here are the old ladies in all their glory. Now, you could be really creative and dress them differently, but in this case, I grabbed the top pieces of material from the box. (thanks Lauri!) If you could see my pantry, you'd understand why-- but that's another blog post :)

OK-- they're not the prettiest things, but the kids had fun and that's what counts. And don't forget it's a great science lesson about the water content of apples. Now you can sleep easier tonight :) You're welcome.


Lauri said...

I recognize those dresses - Austin has some of that in his room!! Those are adorable - good work kiddos!!

Lauri said...

er...the material - not the dresses!!