Sunday, November 23, 2008

That's just not right

It's been a long running joke in our house that in order to keep Christmas festivities 'special', I've told the children no Christmas music or decorations until after Thanksgiving Dinner. Now, I have contradicted myself this year and decorated already because of an extremely busy, post-Thanksgiving week. The joke has intensified by telling the children they can't look at the decorations yet, so they're confined to the office (but not really - LOL!). Now anytime Jacob sees any lights, he throws his hands to cover his eyes and yells "Don't Look! I'm not getting a lump of cold (yes, he calls coal, cold) in my stocking!"

After shopping yesterday morning, I arrive home to 'the gift.' Mark finds great pleasure in torturing me with mysterious Christmas gifts without tags. Thankfully, my honest son tells me "Mommy, you're not going to be able to stand it-- Daddy put something in the living room for you." Someone please tell my husband that it's not fair to beat me at my own game, and placing a Christmas gift out a week prior to Thanksgiving is just not fair!

P.S. The gift does not rattle, shake, or stir. Not that I'd know :) I'm just guessing-- really!


Lauri said...

Ok - that's just not fair - I read your tweet about having everything done - You overachievers sure can make someone feel inadequate....hehe Wish I had your organizational skills...I haven't even finished my list yet. Does thinking about Christmas cards count for anything...didn't think so...Juju - I really do need you to come down here and help me with all this merriment now that you have extra time on your hands...I really don't want any "cold" in my stocking either....
I think Markie is right on the money - since you are already done, you'll have to wait even longer to open that box!! love ya!

Chuck said...

I've never even met Mark and I like him more and more. Does he add noisemakers and extra weight to packages, too? I like boxes of nails and small freeweights to add to the confusion.