Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Busy Weekend

Once again it was another fun-filled weekend. Our yearly Pirate Game/Skyblast outing was fullfilled with perfect weather- just in time before the last 2 days of less-than-desirable conditions.
Not being baseball fans, we always say that we attend the game just to see the incredible fireworks, and experience beautiful PNC park- but this year the game was actually pretty exciting- the Pirates won 11-6. And that was after being down by 4 at the top the the first inning~ go Pirates- hey... they have to win at least one here and there :) (And Austin- by the way, the Steelers won another pre-season game the same evening- first game of the season in less than two weeks buddy -ha ha )The Gang Tony and Mom MOMMMMMMMM!!! I WILL NOT look any more :)

And naturally, what is a baseball game without seats in peanut heaven? Even up there the view is beautiful. I was hoping to have pictures of skyblast, but my camera died halfway through the evening. Not sure what's wrong-maybe sympathy for Carrie's camera problem :(

The main band for skyblast was the Povertyneck Hillbillies- those guys can wind up a crowd with some good 'ol fiddle playing- and the fireworks just keep getting better each year- we actually thought they would never end! They are shot off from the river, bridge, inside the field, and some buildings across the river- WOW! Go Zambelli's!

As for the rest of the weekend- rained out. Mark, his dad and the told oldest ones were supposed to go to a rc air 'fly-in'- No fun with solid rain, so it was a rainy, lazy day at home~ we're hoping the rain doesn't stop their plans to go boating again later in the week.

Have a great week- here' s to the SUN!!!

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