Wednesday, August 29, 2007

They're Back and 4 little grub balls

Just as I put 4 little ones down for a nap (yes, even Elisha- he was up WAY too early!) they came... guess it was time to excavate the lot beside us -again for the 3rd time. I'm really hoping this attempt to fix the drain will be the last- the last attempts just ended up in being washed away after the rains. But, even with all of the noise, they ALL slept! Hooray for Mom!!! There really is something to be said for a bit of QUIET! Guess the threat that YOU WILL NOT go to the park with Daddy if you DO NOT sleep worked :) Just a little ammo pulled from Mommy's bag of goodies- I'm SO glad I didn't have to follow through with NOT allowing them to go- phew!
(Parenting tip~ don't make threats you won't follow through with- BOY have I learned the hard way on that one!)

And here is the result of playing all day with Daddy- 1 little grub ball out of 4- check out his feet :) Actually that's pretty mild for our little ones- usually the dirt is caked on- I've been told many times that dirt makes children grow- if so, our's should be at least adult-sized by now~

Bath time!!!

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