Wednesday, August 1, 2007

At least someone is working- kind of :)

Still nothing going on as far as projects here. In all fairness, Mark has been working like CRAZY at work, and his dad is going through school- so ok guys, I'll let you off the hook... for awhile :)
However, the city has decided to come along and give the children some viewing excitement. They apparently are trying to fix the clogged drain- which is why, in previous picts, you see the flooded road after every rain. BUT, they are replacing the wrong section of pipe- it's clogged below the hill- we are all placing bets on when they'll figure that one out. Have to earn their money somehow- :)
Standing around again-- snicker, snicker~

I'm assuming that with the backhoe parked over their hole and noone around that it's an early lunch break??? (It's only 11am) That's one way to detour traffic. Whatever works~

All this and poor Elisha is out with PapPap missing it all. To be continued...

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