Sunday, August 5, 2007

Elizabeth speaks again

Finding Elizabeth unusually sleepy last night, I confronted her and told her that if she would sleep during nap time, she would be more awake. And- if she would let Jacob sleep during nap time, he wouldn't be as cranky at night. Her reply: "well Mom, I HAVE to wake Japub (Elizabetheese for Jacob) up becuase he sleeps forever and if I don't wake him up, he'll not never get up." (Yes- I know I need to correct the double negatves there :) And her response for not sleeping herself: "Mom, I can't sleep at nap time because Japub keeps me up." And how DOES Jacob keep you up, if he's asleep? "Well Mom, he snores and I can't sleep!" The responses never end with her :)

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