Sunday, July 27, 2008

Impromptu mornings

Last minute breakfast buffets and bike-rides make for great family mornings. We're lucky to have a trail close-by, and it was the children's (minus Elisha) maiden voyage.
Lots of beauty along the way. What good is a rope swing if--- you can't do some swinging? Everyone had a turn- except Mom who passed by the opportunity. Elisha and Daddy had actually already tried the swing last week, and jumped into the water below. Believe it or not, that little hole is about 6 feet deep. We found lots a places to stop for some morning family devotion time, and as you can see Jacob was quite attentive-to the little bug he found.
Until next time, happy trails to you!


Lauri said...

Hey - what a coincidence - we went for a family bike ride too!! Mady got a new bike for her birthday, so we all joined in the fun - quickly realized that Austin's bike is definitely too may have to give hers up real quick...

Have fun!!! Love ya

tpfroggie said...

Where is this bike trail?? E-mail me W/ the info please. : )