Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wining and Dining

I'm back. My computer is finally running. Now I can temp you with our yummy evening out. It was a night of celebrating birthdays and our anniversary all in one. Since we did all three at one shot, that means it's OK to splurge a little more- right? (yah- I've been know to be the queen of justification)

The splurge of the year: Pittsburgh's own The Melting Pot. And a fine choice it was. When they say you're in for a 2 1/2 - 3 hour dining experience, that's exactly what they mean. The evening started with a red rose waiting for us, since they knew we were celebrating when we made the reservations.
The appetizer is a cheese fondue- you can pick from 6, and we chose the Wisconsin blend.
Being kid-free, we had to have some festive drinks- this was the yin & yang, partially devoured. Sorry :)

And the healthiest item of the evening- and uniquely delicious- the Tropical Salad with coconut encrusted cashews and fresh mango.

Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture of the entree. A platter of meats and seafood that you cook yourself in your style of choice. We picked the Coq au Vin style and Mark scarfed up every last bite.

And desert- OH MY! So many chocolate fondues to choose-- and we're not talking cheap, waxy, wedding-fondue, imitation-chocolate here! We (OK- I) finally decided on the Disaronno Meltdown- White Chocolate Amaretto in plain terms. See that platter of dipping goodness- it was empty when we left. I'd love to blame Mark but can't :) My mouth is salivating looking back at the pictures.

And that's our 3 hour celebration in 3 minutes. If you love to play with your food like me, save up some change and check out The Melting Pot. I really should be a restaurant critique.... what a fun job that must be... If anyone needs one, just let me know :)

Now about that green juice and smoothie....


Chuck said...

Glad you had dinner out for the two of you. It does look delicious and it's at Station Square, always a nice dining location. I do miss the South Side. Very cool location.

Carrie said...

We need to go there. We went at the beach once and it was great. I think I might have to plan a date to celebrate the house closing--right? ;)

See ya Thur.

tpfroggie said...

It looks good! I've never been there before. Hopefully someday!