Friday, September 14, 2007

Burnt Chocolate and America Spirit

The children were playing outside yesterday when Elizabeth comes running in scared and crying because her chocolate piece has flames coming from it. That's what you get when Mr. Scientist Elisha grab's PapPap's magnifying glass because he wants warm s'mores to accompany their 'camp fire'. (Soooo glad I taught him about 'concentrating' the rays of the sun last year, via a magnifying glass experiment) Note that the 'fire pit' consisted of leftovers from Mom's dead garden.
Actually pretty creative I thought. :) The things they think of~
It was a field trip day for Elisha- he was able to go with Daddy and PapPap to see the Spirit of America- a free show put on by various performing groups of the US Military. They were all quite impressed, said it was an incredible show, and one they'd go back to see.
I love the flexibility of homeschooling- it's so nice to take advantage of things like that~ and all the while your children are still learning.

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