Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Had a busy extended weekend. What a great way to end a fun-filled summer- they go so quickly. When I was younger, adults always told me the older you are, the quicker they go- I always thought they were full of it, but am realizing now how true it is~
Had an adventurous weekend at Grandma and 'Mr.' Tony's house~ full of rowing, quads, picnics and SHOPPING with Mom-- YAY!! (Why is it so much fun to spend money???) Even breakfast was special with treats brought from Daddy on his way back from work. Say Cheese!! (Still have to figure out how to change to the anti-red-eye flash) OK-- So we didn't have the healthiest of foods- moderation, moderation :) Back to better eating today- (except for that handful of dark M&M's I just scarfed down- didn't have any 'healthy' chocolate made up yet)
Now for the back-to-the-grind chores~ and school routines~ piano lessons, swim and gym, voice lessons, karate~ YIKES! When's that next vacation?? :)

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