Saturday, September 22, 2007

Season's Change

Even though we're enjoying temps in the high 80's, it was time to take things in for the winter season. What a pitiful garden! It looked SO good at the beginning of the year- and as the saying goes (as it has for 4 years) "there's always next year" -right??
And it was time to retire the tent- too many leaks to keep it for another year- made for a fun afternoon of play in the dirt- typical kids :)Once they tired of the dirt, on to the play set- and homemade ramps. Good ole fearless Jacob who...

Came running inside saying "boo boo hurt!"

He had quite a splinter- and Daddy saved the day~
I've never seen a child so 'grown-up'-- no tears, he just waited patiently (with adorable little faces) until Daddy fixed it. It's really not as bad as it looks~ Like it or not- it's the end of September. I love fall, but the inevitable is coming~ some day I will have a house in the tropics to escape to :)

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