Friday, September 7, 2007

Pinata Time-better than Christmas morning!

We bought this pinata for Elisha 3 years ago. Finally, after some prodding from Elisha, Mark purchased some goodies, and made today pinata day. They had so much fun- they were almost more excited than they are on Christmas Eve.
Little Jacob only had eyes for his Subway sandwich- the children had to eat before the 'event' could take place.
COME ON DAD!! Swing batter batter~ must say I was quite impressed with Jacob's clubbing ability- must have learned that from 'survival mode' with his siblings~ Graceful Elizabeth~ Proper Lydia~ And 'I'm going to beat the stuff out of this thing RIGHT now!' Elisha. And that he did!
Since this was technically Elisha's pinata- the children had to wait patiently until he broke it open~

Goody time! (I NEVER had a pinata filled with goodies like this Daddy! -money, candy, toys, cars, frogs, pencils- you name it, it was in there)

Little Jacob's loot- I think he's trying to make a quick getaway before someone takes some of his stuff :)

They had so much fun, we decided we need to make a homemade one soon- we'll keep ya posted! (Have to let the budget build up before we can fill another one like this- ha ha!)

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