Thursday, September 20, 2007

Row Row Row Your Boat

What an 'adventurous' day on the Ohio River. The Ohio River Watershed had a 3 hour cruise -all free- on the Gateway Clipper to raise awareness for environmental issues, a good portion devoted to Global Warming. It you look at the scientific evidence- it doesn't look pretty. As always, there are many views on the subject- just like every thing else, and they did a good job with their presentations. We were even able to go through the locks- something I've always wanted to do- not all that exciting, but a nice experience. An extra treat was meeting up with some old friends, an added surprise.
Little Jacob spent his cruise with his head out the balcony hole so he could see on his level. The Braddock Locks
The return back was filled with a Celtic music band- I was just telling Mark I felt like I was on board the Titanic, and a minute later they started playing music from the Titanic movie. The children had a blast dancing away. Elisha and Lydia were chosen to draw the door prize tickets. No extra luck in them drawing our names. :) Caught ya!!! Must admit, that while the day was really enjoyable, the last 1/2 hour got to be a bit long for a boat ride with 4 tired little ones. When you're done, you're done- I can relate! Happy sailing!~

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