Thursday, January 17, 2008

Am I smarter than my 3rd grader??

We've been practicing some standardized test questions with the children to give them some test-taking practice. Elisha's been working on the third grade level and does a little each day. A few days ago I had to look up the answers to some of his questions-- I did not have a CLUE as to the right answer. He marked the correct answer...... and thus 'Are you smarter than your 3rd grader?' Uhhh, NO! How's that for confidence in homeschooling your child? :)

A highlight of our day was a visit with Carrie- who homeschools as well-- and it is SO refreshing to find that Elisha might just be 'normal' when he can sit for HOURS and not get ONE thing accomplished regarding school.

These pictures belong on Carrie's blog- but I stole them- LOL! Isn't her daughter the most beautiful little thing? Elizabeth and Lydia scarfed her right up to play with their girly stuff. Jacob kept trying to give her all of his little cars and tractors. Thanks for the visit!

Time to get some studying done so I can be SMARTER than my child!


Carrie said...

Oh my GOODNESS that little girl is gorgeous---oh yeah she's MINE!! ;)

It was so great seeing your whole family too! I love how real you guys real too--it is so refreshing and comforting! We really need to get the whole family together for dinner sometime. We should just put it on the calendar!

SO I hear there a boy baby in your future--just like Audrey huh? ;)

See you again soon for that cocoa you keep promising me ;)


Carrie said...

I meant "how real you guys are too"---LOL it's late can you tell?!