Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our latest activities

Just sat down to catch up on some 'desk-work' and realized I hadn't blogged for a while-- not sure where the time's been going-- guess that could most easily be answered with two words: four children :)

We had a dear neighbor over for dinner last weekend and she had the idea that we needed a picture with all of us- it was a great idea and all 4 little ones actually looked at the camera at the same time- now if those roots in my hair were just a bit less noticeable- LOL! (at least I'll admit to some color enhancement- can't have it all ya know-ha ha)

The basement is progressing- slowly but steadily-

The children have been big helpers. Lydia and Elisha made a 'bench' one evening. Glad it was one for children- not sure if I could make it back up, if I could get down there in the first place-

What's all work without some play-- the children's favorite 'cheap toy'-- glow sticks. They have a blast with them!

Had to throw in a picture of my awesome buy last week-- found these candles that were $19- on clearance-- with all of the discounts they ended up being $2. Now that's a deal for me! I know, I know--- was the candle really worth $19 to begin with.... they just marked it up to make you think you were getting a deal.... it's only a deal if you need it.... (Where oh where could I have heard that before???) The marketing worked on me and I'm smile every time I see it burning :) Off to prepare for tomorrow...

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Carrie said...

I have my candle burning right now!! It smells good!