Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Texan Adventure

Sorry for the delay in blog-posting-- we've had quite a busy weekend on our Texan adventure. It was a last minute trip- decided to go 2 days prior to departure. Any of you in the airline industry know that you can't always plan little getaways according to your schedule- ya gotta play by their rules and their schedules- and that doesn't always work out to be convenient. This time it did, for the most part. ;)

Look out plane, here we come! Little Jacob rounding up the pack.

It was smooth flying and we made all flights (to Texas) without any problem- yay! Upon arrival Elizabeth quickly found Madison's toys and became her new buddy for the weekend.

It was Steeler Playoff weekend (...and now we have to look ahead to next year...) so Jacob had to be surrounded with team spirit. It was quite fun watching the game in Cowboy territory- and hey- the Steelers didn't do that bad. Guess we'll have to root for the Cowboys now Austin-- maybe.... ;) Mark and the children were loving Austin and Madison's Christmas Wii present. No Elisha you can't have one... Phew! What a day- thanks Jim for a place to snuggle and rest. The women had to do some shopping you know - what trip is complete without some shopping? This was one of the purchases from a 'starving artist' sale. PapPap says he was sure glad Lauri bought something so the artist could eat dinner that night-- ha ha.
Jim says the painting gets lost in the bricks- any comments? Depending on the comments, Lauri may just have to return to the sale next week to find another painting ;) (And notice the Steeler cap on the mantel??- must be Austin's-- snicker snicker) Chow time- that awesome guy Jim in the previous picture is truly the best chef in the world! Mexican food, salmon, and morning cappuccino to die for! We've tried to hire him for our personal chef- hasn't worked yet :( Play time Caught ya! Must be exhausted from all of the shopping they did- and for the record, the men's purchases were much greater than the female's! Elizabeth was Madison's shadow all week-end she practically smothered her. And Jacob's buddy was Tess- that's quite a dog to let a 3-year old drag her around all week-end! Jacob even tried to pull him in a little tent he had set up in the living room. It didn't work. Back home- and the famous "MOM... will you STOP taking pictures!!!" look from Elizabeth.
Wish I could fold up like that. It would take me a LONG time to get tired of this view- unless it was from an airport window all day- which sort of happened, allowing us an extra night- darn! ;) And finally homeward bound (barely made the full flight the next day) connecting through Phoenix-- lovin that view too- even though it was a 5-hour view because of weather delays- no problem~ The kids set up shop on the floor and had lots of fun. I might be biased, but they were the best little travelers ever- even after coming off of VERY turbulent flight- we had to fly around those crazy midwest storms and tornadoes- never seen lighting like that from a plane and don't care to again. I had to crawl on my knees to take Elizabeth potty- then wait out the bumps with the flight attendants in the back of the plane. The attendants weren't too happy with us, but what do you do with a girl who has to go potty?
With a total of 15 hours in/on airports and planes that day, Jacob still wanted to go right back onto another plane. Soon enough little guy... (I hope) And now back to routines and daily life... why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things?
We're missing you Texas family!!! Thanks for the wonderful weekend- we love you!!

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Carrie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. What FUN!

Hope you're all rested now.