Thursday, January 3, 2008

GIrly Stuff

One of the girls' most prized Christmas gifts was a dollhouse given to them by Gma. Daddy set to work on assembly on New Year's Day. The boys weren't thrilled- they had to keep out- thus the happy faces shown below ;)
Yay! Finally we can get our hands on this stuff... well, almost. Havin fun Dad?? Complete with lights- Final touches- the kit came with paint, but the girls decided that would take too long to dry, so they opted for the included stickers. Ta Da! It was a hit Grandma-- now to keep the boys from playing 'home renovation'... to be continued.... Hope you're all having a great start to the new year! We're glad to be getting back to our school routine- Ok, Mom's glad- not so sure Elisha would agree ;)


Carrie said...

What kind of doll house it that? It's amazing!!! Looks like hours of fun! I don't see any school work getting done in the near future.

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