Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday List Transformed

Yes- last weekend was the weekend - the weekend for the guys - the weekend of the annual pilgrimage to the Motorcycle Show. And this year Elisha was able to be one of the guys too. A day complete with up-before-dawn, big breakfast man-food, snacks all day, 2 ice-cream cones (Mom- PapPap said I could) and macho wings later on... so that's why they wouldn't eat dinner that night :)

Elisha didn't come home empty-handed- Mom's last minute idea of "hey PapPap, you know that I'd feel much better if Elisha had the proper head-gear for the quads at Gma's house" worked :) And now everywhere he goes, there's a little boy with this huge helmet- didn't know our house was quite so dangerous. Elisha thinks he needs to wear it riding his bicycle this spring.
Somehow the man-trip transformed his birthday list-- which is 6 months away. We've gone from wanting a little LEGO kit to "MOM- we HAVE to get this dune buggy- MOM it was ONLY 14 hundred dollars- that's not much- MOM you SHOULD have SEEN it! And Mom- Zak (one of the guys) said he only rolled his over a few times- it's pretty safe!" (DON'T get any ideas Tony!!!)

Hey Mom- this motorcycle was REALLY cool too! We should get it when I'm older.

I think Elisha will come with me shopping for groceries next week-end. ;)


Carrie said...

I won't add fuel to his fire and tell him that my boys may have lots of land for him to ride it on too. ;) They are already trying to figure out how to get money for a go-cart. LOL


Lauri said...

Tell him you'll buy him a dune buggy as soon as you have a garage to park it in. Then tell him to talk to Daddy and PapPap...hee hee

love ya!

Chuck said...

My parents bought me a 1974 70cc Honda motorcycle for my 11th birthday. I can't tell you how many fun days I spent on that bike. Yes, I did stunts with it. Yes, I fell down. Yes, I hurt myself a couple of times. But it allowed me a kind of freedom that most 11 year olds never get to experience. With a friend or sometimes alone, I'd ride through the woods around my neighborhood, into town (to buy Garbage Pail Kids cards) and all around the banks of Wolf Creek. (Ever go to Cowbelly Bend?) That bike is part of many of my fondest childhood memories.

Not trying to badger (squirrel) you into anything, though!! :)

JuJu's Place said...

Ok Mr. Chuck-- that's about enough! Do I get you on my side for ANYTHING???? ha ha!!

Chuck said...

Hehe, I'm on your side about lots of stuff. I just happened to notice that all the comments were from female readers and thought I'd offer an alternative viewpoint on the subject. I don't think my mother was, how should I put this, a paragon of placidity when it came to my driving a motorcycle off of large earthen ramps.

I can still remember how thrilling it was to take a ramp at 30mph. Would I do it today if I could? Probably. But the downside about being 33 is that I know what consequences lie ahead if I botch things up!