Friday, February 1, 2008

There's a Lion in Town!

INCREDIBLE!!! The Lion King production was unbelievable and the family had a super-fun evening. I was asked for bunches of pictures, but of course couldn't take any during the show, so the pre-show picts will have to do. On with the evening of the lil' country folk headin' to that ther' big city... Our little man Elisha took this one-
Hi Daddy- Jacob's pants were way too big so he walked around all night holding onto them- it was pretty cute. Almost there And yes, peanut heaven- 2 rows from the back- but it didn't matter because we were there- and affordably :) I tried to get one without her, but the lady in red seemed to be in every picture. She must have been a high-tech grandma because after EVERY sceen she'd open her cell phone which was pretty bright- why? Who knows!? I'll take one of these for my dining room some day. Excited little ones- they actually stayed awake for the whole show- Jacob LOVED every minute. 'MOM, where's Simba? That's not Simba- he doesn't have 4 legs. MOM why doesn't Simba have 4 legs?' Not 5 minutes in the car-- lights out-

I figure this is good blackmail material for his teen years :)

Those of you who know me know I'm a big sucker for productions/plays- especially Disney ones- this was no exception- we wanted to go when they were in town a few years ago, but couldn't make it- it was WELL worth the wait for this year. Took almost the first act to get those little tears of excitement and awe to stop. It's incredible how they can put a show together like that! I don't think I could even begin to describe what they've done- here's just a little clip (Mom- you might need to let this load for a few hours first- snicker snicker):

I figured everyone would sleep in with the late night- wrong! At least we got some school accomplished. School with Jacob running around all morning singing "I juwst can't wait to kwing" -and Elizabeth correcting him- "NO Jacob, it's I just can't wait to BE king!" Somehow I think he already is.

Until next time...

Hakuna Matata


Lauri said...

That is sooooo neat that you could all go - I know what you mean about the tears of excitement - Austin's honor band concert did the same thing to me. That first swell of music and I'm a goner...(they sounded WONDERFUL by the way)

So glad you enjoyed the evening...

Love Ya!

PS - Elisha is gonna get you for that one day!! Now that he can use the camera, you'd better watch out - what goes around comes around...heehee

Chuck said...

Thank you for exposing your kids to the arts. Thank you a million times.