Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Weekend

We just did this a month ago - it seems like it anyway. But Lydia is another year older and on with the celebrating. For starters: Daddy's bouquet of fresh flowers (that took 3 stores to find because it was the day after VDay) and heart-shaped french toast.

Then off to fulfill the birthday request of 'I'd like my own ragdoll.' What better place to find that, than 'Build-A-Doll.' They really should add the phrase 'empty-your-wallet' to their name.

Let the building begin. First add a heart full of love, health, and best wishes. Wish upon the heart, shake and insert.

Add some stuffing... (note the excitement on Elisha's face-- 3 cheers for build-a-doll!)

... a few stitches later....

...some hairstyling... (note that the little bows here were free-- load up Lydia!) ... a couple outfits... and PRESTO... Rosie the Doll is ready for adoption. A woman and her packages. And WHY is there more than one? Because you MUST purchase all of the doll accessories since it is your girl's birthday wish- right? Especially the horse so she can ride off with her knight-in-shining-armor. Oh- don't forget the pretty pink saddle. Ooooh- maybe she might need an extra outfit and matching shoes in case the first gets dirty?? Don't forget- you can try all of these outfits on in the fitting room to make sure they're just right. These people are brilliant- right up there with Disney as far as marketing goes. But she had a great time and it isn't her fault that ma and pa can't always say no :) On to other news: maybe we don't need Ty after all. The basement is coming right along-- bathroom framing anyone?

Keep on moving with those walls guys :) I'd really make quite a great supervisor :)

More celebrating tomorrow...

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