Sunday, February 10, 2008

Renovations Part 3

YAY! No more mud piles in the basement-- but first our little musician who somehow ended up with Elisha's homemade guitar- I'm amazed by the bartering that goes on between them!

Time for concrete!

And voila! A smooth floor ready for finishing and a new corner bathroom ready to be installed!

As always, to be continued...

PS- As per the request of Mark, I told him I would include a little disclaimer to the previous bungee-jumping squirrel feeder blog entry: The deer DID eat the corn, however, we do have proof of the squirrels eating from the upper portion of the feeder. This ups the score to Jen-1, Mark-1. (But the squirrels will NEVER be so silly as to hang around on a bungee cord! :) ) Thankfully the book of bungee-jumping squirrels is now officially closed! Aren't y'all glad??

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