Monday, February 4, 2008

He really IS learning something!

Just when I was thinking- 'ok-- this really isn't working' and feeling like a homeschool-mom failure, Elisha comes up with this bench/table. He made it the other day while working with Daddy in the basement- he made the ENTIRE thing. The ONLY thing Mark did was cut the legs/braces with the saw for him. Elisha came up with the measurements and the brace system on his own, and assembled the whole thing. He may not know all of his multiplication tables, but there is hope- at least I know he'll be able to sit on something in the real world :)


Lauri said...

What an awesome job you did Elisha!! Ya know, I sure could use a stool for the high cabinets around here, if you're not doing anything...hee hee - keep up the good work!!

Chuck said...

That is great looking bench. If I tried to make a bench, I wouldn't even be able to look at it without it falling apart. Does he do kitchen tiling?