Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthdays continued

Greetings faithful readers-- sorry for the delay in posting, but that can easily be summed up in a word - FLU! Mom says it was the chocolate daiquiri I indulged in during dinner, but I don't think so. It was sudden, brief, but seemed to get me REALLY behind, leaving a blog at the bottom of the priority list.

As I sit this evening, I have a perfect view of the lunar eclipse- what an awesome rare sight-- rare that it's not cloudy here, that is :)

And without further delay, here are the rest of Lydia's bday pictures.... The requested cake of the year-- castles and princesses-- thanks Mom-- it just WOULDN'T be the same without a cake from you--- EVER :) They'd hate it if I made it :) And onto the yummy celebration dinner at the hibachi restaurant. The kids had a blast! What a crew~ Jacob couldn't get enough of the soup. Good to the last drop! All eyes were glued on the grill-- oooh aaahhhhhh..... A little of this... A little of that.... YUM~ Jacob never had such a big plate full of goodies! Lots of celebrating, but all good things must come to an end- until next time! Here's to health and many more Happy Birthday's! ... and more lunar eclipses....


Lauri said...

what an awesome party!! and I missed it!! boo hoo - I want to have my dinner go up in flames right before I eat it.....actually, if I cook, that may just happen...

sounds like Miss Lydia enjoyed a wonderful day with a wonderful family and an even more wonderful cake!!

You deserve it sweetheart!!

Love ya

Lauri said...

so glad the flu has left mommy - she's much more fun when she feels good, right guys?