Tuesday, February 12, 2008

average american

A few days ago Elisha and I were learning about technology in America- the week's chapter discussed the invention of the television. It was said that the by the age of 75, the average American will have watched 9 years worth of TV--- yikes!

...I sure hope the watching LOST, Survivor, and an Extreme Makeover Home Ed. here and there don't make me average.... I could do a lot with 9 years... does fast-forwarding through the commercials take off a year??

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Lauri said...

You can take off time spent watching "educational programs", right? That being said, I'm down to approximately 15 minutes per week....HGTV is all educational, Food Network teaches basic survival skills and network is...well....OK, so maybe a couple of hours per week, but still!! I'm way better than average, right? I thought so...