Tuesday, October 28, 2008

birthdays and snowflakes and no new computer

No birthday 'parties' here-- instead, we have birthday 'breakfast.' Daddy's creation this year-- dino french toast for Jacob. He made a castle for Elizabeth too, but the dinosaur was much more creative- E for effort on the castle Daddy :)
Elizabeth doesn't like birthday cake so she wanted pie. Mom made an 'nontraditional' 'raw' pumpkin cheesecake-- and it tasted yummy. -much better than it looks. Note: if you try this- don't put the cinnamon on top-- not pretty. And yes, this recipe actually tasted pretty much like a pumpkin pie. Mark doesn't like pumpkin pie, but the liked this. If you're curious- check it out here.

Note #2: In the recipe, I didn't use the Irish Moss (try living around here and finding an ingredient like that-- are you crazy?!?) and I didn't have any young coconuts (next co-op trip) but I bet that would be really yummy in it.On with the birthday... Elizabeth wasn't too happy to find paper dolls in her box, but was very excited when she found they represented a trip to the mall for Build A Bear. (oh goody) Seriously-- it's a fun store, but they've truly found the art of entrepreneurship-- if you could call it that. As usual, Jacob was much happier with the box his gift came in--- aye- aye captain!

And I leave you with a parting picture of color. Probably the last in a while-- it snowed today. Just a few flurries, but snow flakes none the less. Which also means outdoor projects are put on hold. Like-- roofing projects-- which have to be done before any other work can be completed... which pushes all of the work until spring... :(

And a final note: my computer should be back tomorrow, and I didn't lose everything-- phew! Guess I'll have to wait until the next cool computer comes out next year... or the year after.... :)


Lauri said...

I'll bet the birthday pie was yummy - Build-a-Bear can solve all the world's problems in my opinion...they sure can teach someone about how to run a business...does Jacob play with the bear or does he just like the box it came in?

It seems as though there are a lot of wimpy roofers up your way...it's not THAT cold yet, is it? Spring? are you kidding??

love ya!! Happy B-day you two cutie pies!!

Carrie said...

You guys are so creative---dinosaurs and raw pumpkin pie!!
I can't believe it is snowing either!!!