Saturday, October 18, 2008

fall tradition on a chilly day

Although a bit early, a local radio station played Christmas music today, and is continuing to do so all weekend. Perfect for our annual pilgrimage to Christmas in the Woods . It was a fun-filled day for the children~ their day started with wood-burning artist Mallon J. Moye, taking the time to show them how he does his work, and making them their own special toys~ each child is sleeping with a new wooden yo-yo and personalized box tonight :)

Sometimes family tradition can come with lessons for Mom-- like be prepared for REALLY cold weather~ the 50's sounds so much warmer when sitting at your desk at home! But there is nothing that a good cup of hot cocoa (or two... ok- maybe three) can't cure~

this little guy was the warmest of all-
The day ended extra special when the children's favorite group had them sing a bit on stage~ just a few lines can make life-long memories~

And today unofficially starts the season-

"Merry Christmas Everyone... Merry Christmas yeah....."


Carrie said...

CHRISTMAS?!?!? Umm I just got done sewing a Halloween costume and buying pumpkins (not carving them just buying). I thought I was right on time for the next holiday. Am I missing something?? ;) LOL

Christmas season does NOT start in our house until the day after Thanksgiving. Then all bets are off,the tree goes up and the carols start. Talk to me about Christmas then. LOL!! :)

For now I have to help carve 5 pumpkins, finish a Legends of Zelda costume, get a 2 yo to wear a neon pink wig, figure out how to make my son the pharaoh look more authentic and help the Boy Scouts with a dutch oven pumpkin pie recipe so they can win a contest during a camp-out next weekend. I like fall! Christmas will slap me in the face soon enough. :)

hugs to you guys!

Lauri said...

I had such a great time - hope to do it over and over again...B.E. sure was sweet with those guys...miss ya already - hope you have a good ya

Lauri said...

could've been a little warmer, though...

Kristen's Raw said...

I love getting ready for Christmas super early. In fact, call me crazy, but I think I want to put up the tree after Halloween!!!