Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finger Paint

It's been a week of fall flurry. Doesn't happen often, but when I get in the cleaning/organizing mode- watch out. Needless to say it's been a light homeschooling week. But, the Taj Mahal is spotless-until the backhoe starts running once again... and the greasy fingers make pictures on the windows... and....

One activity we did fit in and one that's best done outdoors- finger paints! 4 pairs of little fingers made quite the mess- uh, I mean masterpieces.

Very fitting for my little Elizabeth~

and Jacob :)

What is it about getting your hands all gooey?

Let's forget that finger paints were done in shorts and t-shirts just a few days ago, and this is Elisha and Jacob playing outside today :(

Back to some finishing touches on the house~ and some school-work prep for the little ones~


Carrie said...

My kids HATE to fingerpaint. LOL They don't want to get messy. Funny how they don't care if anything else on or around them is messy. Oh well.

Lauri said...

oh my - better bring my jacket...looks like they had a great time - Elizabeth + all things messy = pure love....

Love ya!

Chuck said...

I noticed a reel mower in that last picture. Do you guys use that on the yard? I miss my reel mower, but don't miss mowing the yard in Chicago. I could, however, live without paying someone else to do it.