Sunday, October 21, 2007

Christmas in the Woods

It was another family-fun, tradition-filled weekend- our Christmas in the Woods pilgrimage of sorts. The weather was perfect- and leaves finally starting to turn.

No Christmas in the Woods is complete until you watch the B.E. Taylor shows- an early start for the Holiday Season. Have to admit as good as the shows were, I'm not quite ready to start that season yet, though I know there's no stopping it. Elizabeth wanted to know where her presents were because it was Christmas- we couldn't understand what she meant- and finally figured out that by going to 'Christmas' in the Woods- she thought it was time for Christmas day. Not yet little girl :)

The girls with Mr. Woods Man-- note that Elisha isn't in these pictures- he refused to let us take his picture today- he's had enough of the camera he says :)

"Unless there is an open bag of Kettle Corn I can get into- LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Until next year.... which will be here before you know it- the more children you have, the faster time flies!!

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