Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Griswold Fall Vacation

The children are having a super-fun week~ Grandma and Grandpa Tony brought their newly purchased camper down so the children could 'camp out'. We told them it reminded us of Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation with the RV parked outside~ minus Snots of course! We were going to take a picture of the sewage pipe hanging out and edit the photo with a green haze, but decided that would take too much time.
Here's Elizabeth with her 'STOP TAKING MY PICTURE' pose :)

Roughin' it- sure is a step up from the backyard tent.

And yes- there's Jacob with that finger again!

Tomorrow the men get the children- gotta LOVE a flexible homeschooling lifestyle- Mom and I are off to celebrate her birthday for the day! We might come back later in the day- maybe- ha ha!

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Carrie said...

I hope you had a good day with your mom!

Campers are way better then tents. Will we see one permanently in your new driveway next summer?

We had a Griswald Moment on our trip to NY. There was "PA's Grand Canyon" on the map and I tried to convince Matt that we needed to get off our route and head for it. LOL I was joking! We had a very uneventful drive. :)

See ya Tuesday!