Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Book and Cake Recipe

Book recommendation for your little ones: Just finished a reading a chapter book to the children called Leepike Ridge- by N.D. Wilson, son of Douglas Wilson (The Lost Tools of Learning). The book had lots of little unexpected twists and I actually enjoyed it as much as Elisha. The book is authored by a homeschooler- makes a nice testament that homeschooled children really can grow up to write-- right Elisha?? :)
Also- had lots of requests for the cake recipe appearing in the previous blog. Here's the link: A few changes I might make: maybe substitute dates for the raisins in the chocolate layer (I used ground cocao nibs for the cocoa), and some dates instead of figs for the first two layers. I might reduce some of the coconut oil as well. All in all, Elizabeth loved it- that's what counted, since it was her day :)

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Carrie said...

I read the ingredients list and I'm sorry to say that we won't be making it in our house. The amount of nuts in it would kill Josh. But it does look yummy!! Glad she liked it.

I'd like to find a story for the kids that isn't necessarily about homeschooling or being vegetarian but was maybe an underlying theme. So we didn't have to listen to another story about the bully at school or how the kids hates homework and his favorite meal is burgers or roast beef---you know what I'm saying. Guess maybe I should write one in my spare time LOL!!