Friday, October 26, 2007

HOW did Mark and I ever make it?

OK- real-life family story-time. Children are asleep (HA HA!) and all is quiet except for the gentle, calming drizzle. Suddenly Lydia bursts into my room--- "MOM!!! Elisha put a booger on my hand!!!!"
Someone please tell me-- WHAT did Mark and I ever do as only children?? Must have been a pretty quiet life- I don't remember :)


Carrie said...

I not only have an older brother but about 24 cousins so I have never known quiet dull moments. But wouldn't that be boring? LOL We never even thought about having an only child I bet your happy you guys didn't either ;)

I'm feeling a little better today.

Chuck said...

I think I just found things to occupy my time other than annoying my nonexistent siblings. As a pre-teen, I remember listening to a lot of music while trying to program computers (and play games). Surprise, surprise. As a little guy, I think I played with the neighborhood kids a lot, at least when they weren't antagonizing me. It was ruthless 'hood. :)