Thursday, November 1, 2007

We're back

WOW! Seems like an eternity since I've been able to sit down and update my faithful readers with the latest events. We spent the last week at Grandma and Grandpa Tony's celebrating birthdays, playing out-doors, shopping (YAY!) and enjoying the fresh country air. Mark was having so much fun he didn't want to leave- thus the extended stay, and now looking at country house plans once again. They sure make some neat log cabin plans! If we could just forget about the money issue- Really--- Who needs that???? Relax mom- he won't clear out the entire front yard or woods- JUST KIDDING! :)
It's great to be able to take time and slow down- if you can call a 5-yr old and 3-yr old with birthdays slow. I guess I should say as 'slow' as you can get.
Had lots of fun checking some things off of the Christmas list. Every year I say I'm going to be done with what 'has' to be done by October, then TOTALLY relax and enjoy all the festivities with no 'to do' list in December- maybe some day in a perfect world, although I'm much more prepared this year. Finding that keeping it simple helps SO much! The children just don't need 50 gifts from everyone, and cutting it down to 1 or 2 special ones helps a ton.
We also sat down and just relaxed in the evenings- a rare treat with many activities filling the week days-- watched Dancing with the Stars for the first time- whoa!! I can't believe people can really dance like that- think that's my new ambition-- AHA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Like that would ever happen --maybe after that karate black belt is around my waist-- and a figure to go with it might help- probably should forget that candy bar lying in the cupboard-- nah.... think I'll leave the dancing for those stars. :)
On to the picts!
What girl's birthday is complete without the princess dress? This year- Rapunzel was in order. Isn't is great to have a sister that shares her new toys with you? Jacob's hit of the day- a new train set-- can't wait to watch Elisha try to con that one from him this week. Princess Elizabeth didn't WANT a cake this year. She has decided she doesn't like icing and wanted pie. Thanks Mom for the YUMMY cherry 'birthday' pie! Just takin' a break! COOL tractors! And that's the week in review- Elizabeth (and Jacob) finally get to celebrate birthdays at home- it's now OK with Miss Elizabeth :)

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Carrie said...

Glad you guys had a great time. Wouldn't a big old country house be great? We can dream can't we?! LOL

I hope you don't stress yourself about the holidays too much that is a terrible habit lots of people get stuck in. You said it take it simple and relax!!

See you Tuesday!