Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend updates

Been another lively week with 4 little ones ;)

The girls were ecstatic to receive their Little Dragon red and green belts. Yay girls!

Elisha had a bow staff class on Saturday and loved it. He was showing me some things when he came home and it looked pretty neat- I was intrigued enough to maybe take a class- PapPap tells me I'd just hurt myself~

It was a more relaxing week than normal- Mark was off for the week so we were actually able to watch Survivor together-- Jacob didn't make it. His long day in the woods with Daddy caught up to him.

After a week-long back injury of some sort and feeling like a HUGE slug because I wasn't able to do any exercise, I finally had enough... I was feeling well enough to move around a bit yesterday and I did it.... gasp..... even after vowing never to do it before Thanksgiving.... don't yell Mom.... I put up the Christmas decorations.... figured it was totally justifiable because if I didn't do it now, I wouldn't have time in the next few weeks. Works for me ;) The children are a little upset that I won't turn the lights on yet- that can wait until after Turkey Day... just like I said Christmas music should wait until after Thanksgiving Dinner- I caved in the car when all 4 started crying because I wouldn't let them listen to Frosty the Snowman...... ahhhhh, it's started already.... wake me up on Jan. 3rd--- in the Bahamas ;)

Oh- and by the way- the squirrel feeder looks the SAME as it has for a week now... hmmm...

PS. Hey Carrie- the 'palace' is looking good all decorated up- LOL! Quick funny story for you- Mark and I actually used to call this house the Taj Mahal because Mark's Dad and Mom were ALWAYS working on it and were never just satisfied with finishing one thing- that one thing always led to something else and another project.... used to drive us crazy- and now we're living in it- funny how life works out!


Carrie said...

The tree does not go up in our house until all the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are done. Usually we do it over the weekend following Thanksgiving and take it down the week of or following New Year's.

Aren't you proud of your girls?! No tutus for them. LOL We're getting a soccer ball between Audrey's feet before she even starts to tiptoe like a ballerina.

I hope your back is feeling better!! So sorry but it seems that you some how managed to keep the house clean and decorate it while injured?!? You are insane! ;)

I'll email you more later back to knitting now!


Carrie said...

Oh yeah I'll now refer to your house as the Taj instead of the Palace. Once you've visited ours you can think up a name for it. I'll say something "lived in".